• Image of Mr King's Marvellous Moustache Wax

This homemade wax is a unique blend that uses only natures finest ingredients; 100% natural and all of a cosmetic grade. No artificial ingredients or man made products go into Mr King's Wax!
I would never put anything man made on my moustache, so why should you!

I make and test every batch myself to insure it's fine and dandy for your marvellous moustache.

It gives an extra firm hold which lasts all day with a refreshing hint of lemon & lime.

The wax comes in a 15ml pocket sized tin that is easy to apply with no need to heat up.
To apply the wax you need to rub a pea sized amount between your thumb and forefinger until melted. Then rub the wax through the moustache, comb or brush to evenly distribute, then style.
If you require a tighter curl or a long point to your English style then you may want to apply a bit more wax.
Once applied, the wax dries clear without any residue and lasts all day!

My wax is proudly worn by members of the Handlebar club.


Easy to apply
No need to heat
Extra firm hold
Dries clear
Leaves no residue
Tested by myself in all weather conditions
washes out easily with soap and water
15ml screw top tin fits nicely in your pocket